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The goal of this project is to provide students with a solid foundation in critical thinking.


In daily life, people are exposed to countless different arguments, as well as an endless sea of information from the internet, television, newspapers, radio, and the people they meet in day to day life. Included in this torrent of reasoning and information are all sorts of logically flawed arguments and false information.


The standard objective of grade school and high school is to provide students with a basic foundation of knowledge, divided into different basic subjects such as history and science. The material taught in school textbooks has been gathered by experts who use critical thinking techniques (such as research and sourcing claims) to make certain their information is completely accurate. However, these carefully researched textbooks only represent a small fraction of the information a student will come across in their lifetime.


Throughout their life, a student will encounter all sorts of claims about complex issues. They will be put in a position of having to decide what to believe and what to reject. Without an education in critical thinking, students are basically left to figure this out on their own. When students don't have the right critical thinking tools to make solid assessments, they are forced to improvise, which puts them at risk of arriving at faulty conclusions. A population with an incomplete grasp of critical thinking is much more susceptible to flawed reasoning and false information.


Another benefit of teaching critical thinking is that it prepares students for college level problem solving. Students who have been taught how to apply logic and evidence can engage academic material at a higher level than students with no exposure to these ideas. It gives them an edge in analyzing material, answering questions, and participating in class discussions. This ability also signals to professors, employers, and other important figures that the student can approach complex problems from an objective, evidence based perspective.


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